""Park and Murtadha are...excellent as the attractive couple whose future together unravels." - Melinda Schupmann, Backstage.com review of "All My Sons"

"Emotionally, though, this production is a gut-puncher....Similarly gripping are A.K. Murtadha and Linda Park as the next generation, on the verge of slipping into another cycle of incremental compromise and deepening self-interest." - Daryl H. Miller, LA Times review of "All My Sons"

"A.K. Murtadha... make(s) strong impressions that reverberate throughout the performance."
-Seattle Times Review of "The Cook"

"With an enormous range of charm and beauty which served him well in his character's former life, the shorter, lithe Murtadha identifies with the inner emotional life of his brutish brother."
-Hollywood Report review of "Topdog/Underdog"

"But it's as it should be that the evening belongs to the actors: Walton's puppylike, baby-faced firecracker is a fantastic counterpart to Murtadha's complex, defeated "philosophizer." Together they are funny and touching and terrifying."
-Backstage.com review of "Topdog/Underdog"